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Jul. 21st, 2017 09:02 am
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Finally started my Hamiathes' Gift fic the other day - as usual with fanfiction, it's very hard for me to begin because I get all anxious about characterization and timeline issues. It's going to be good. >:3

Spent time spread out over two days agonizing over dating this dress with ca. 1880 sleeves, ca. 1900? bodice front, ca. 1906 bodice back and skirt, ca. ???? skirt decoration (faux-buttoning down the front, "opening" over a triangular panel with horizontal bands of black velvet), and evidence of alteration. Now of course I don't know why it took me so long ...

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Jul. 12th, 2017 08:26 pm
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Is anyone else a (past) CSA member? I just got an email touting their special members-only video interview with ... TD! Heh.

Yesterday I wrote a pretty good series of answers on veiling in ancient Greece - if it whets your appetite, you should definitely read all of Aphrodite's Tortoise on Academia.edu, it's so interesting. We don't visualize Greek women as fully wrapped in veils, really. I also ... engaged with someone about ... layering in medieval dress, and I left a pretty vague and non-specific set of answers, so if you know more than me about medieval dress (which is not hard), I'd love it if you took a glance and told me if I'm crazy.

My new phone finally came! I was refreshing the tracking page all day at work and then when I got home; while I ate dinner I allowed the computer to update, and when it was done it told me that the package had been left downstairs. Took me forever to get the sim card out of my old phone, remember that it's in a thing to make it fit a micro-SD slot, and get the film off the screen, but I did, and have everything but my reward cards signed in and set up. Very nice and smooth and fresh. I feel decadent.


Jul. 9th, 2017 07:12 pm
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There is nothing at all in the pattern or description of this dress (early 1850s fan-front in COWC) that explains exactly what happens with the skirt closure - the bodice fastens CF and is pointed, and my experience is that skirts on pointed waists (like, fully on, not with the skirt sewn to the waist and the point hanging over it) generally fasten in the back. So ... what do? Should I just have the skirt open CF on the point, and maybe put a bit of fabric on the inside to cover any gaposis?

I've looked into medieval clothing for a few AH answers lately, and while the Northern Outpost chatelaine never got back to me as expected, I really want to make a bliaut. Thinking I'll get this done, then make a new summer dress (because I really need to add to my wardrobe), then a bliaut. I'm thinking light wool, lined with linen? It's tricky because I obviously have no expected event to wear it to, so I don't know what kind of weight I should go with, but aiming in the middle seems reasonable?

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Jul. 7th, 2017 10:01 pm
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So, my phone is a brick. First it stopped being able to detect WiFi networks, and I did all the things you're supposed to do for that, which didn't work. So I held my breath and did a full factory reset, which set it into a tailspin of automatic rebooting until it stopped doing much of anything. After much angst about the impossibility of finding mid-range phones offered by by the manufacturers - seriously, even phones reviewed a couple of months ago are now only available through third-party sellers on Amazon, what's with that? Why does Google only produce the Pixel now? - I settled on a Moto 5G Plus, which is as good as/better than my Nexus and costs less than that did, so. On the bright side, this was a good warning for Owen, since he bought his Nexus not long after me.

Still, my Diamine inks came today, which was nice. And they only cost as much, including shipping, as what I got for the two pens in pieces that I sold on Pen Agora, so I don't even have to really feel bad about that. (I do feel a little bad about it. I'm letting everyone down with frivolous expenditures!)

Another nice thing is that I've been using K. M. Weiland's writing site to help me finish plotting and structuring my novel. I had the first act pretty well arranged, but the second and third acts were much more vague. Just from taking in so much fiction, I had a pretty good idea where the big beats should go, but the site is really useful for fleshing out what kind of things should happen in e.g. the first half of the second act, right after the second plot point, etc.

Not much interesting sewing progress to report. I put a facing on the skirt (unfinished at the top - hey, that green wool dress from work was done that way) and turned up and pinned the hem. Tomorrow I am going to sew that, and then put on the bodice to figure out where exactly the front edges should be.


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